Information Sheet for Use of your Pizzo Wood Fired Oven


Please be cautious of the heat on the door handles and external surfaces of your Pizzo Oven.  Whilst your Pizzo is well insulated, there is always heating of external covers of your Pizzo Oven

  • Ensure the firetray and ash tray are installed
  • Using a firelighter and some starter wood initially. Continue adding wood until your required temperature is reached
  • Keep your Oven Door closed while building up the heat in the oven and to ensure that the initial smoke goes out via the chimney and avoids marking the front of your Pizzo Oven. Whilst cooking also keep your oven door closed.
  • Local wood like Wine Roots/ branches or Rooikrans or Kameeldoring wood work well. Avoid any toxic smelling wood.


  • Thick Based Pizzas
    • Cook at between 200-250 degrees Centigrade
    • 60 – 120 seconds
    • rotate pizzas from heat
  • Thin Based Pizzas
    • Cook at between 200-250 degrees Centigrade
    • 60-90 seconds
    • Rotate pizzas from heat
  • Bread
    • Bake at 190 to 210 degrees centigrade
  • Others dishes/food as required per cooking instruction


  • Check desired heat for whatever you decide to cook in the Pizzo Oven
  • The Pizzo Wood Fired Oven may be used for Pizzas, Making Bread, Roasts, and many other foods!
  • If you cook fish or steaks, make sure that you use a dish to cook them in so that the juices do not go onto the oven floor and firebricks.
  • Get ready to test and see what temperatures work best for your selection. You will have some burning etc initially but your will soon see what temperatures best work for you and you can maintain the required temperatures by adding extra piece of wood from time to time.

Caring for your Pizzo Oven

  • Keep your oven door closed when you are heating up your Pizzo Oven or cooking something to maintain the heat
  • Use a stainless steel polish to keep your oven clean and polished when your Pizzo oven has cooled after use. Use a soft cloth.
  • Wipe the outside coloured Pizzo cover with a damp cloth
  • Brush your firebricks to remove any debris or mess after cooking
  • Ideally cover your oven with a weatherproof cover after use. We sell and supply various covers


PIzzo Pty Ltd, its owners and employees will not be held liable for indirect and direct losses, arising from any such injury, illness, damage, loss, accident, or expense including consequential loss or economic loss.  To avoid any unnecessary costs to your Pizzo Oven or your surroundings, make sure the guidelines set out above are followed.  The use of any Pizzo products and the procedure thereof on every account has been outlined above.  By using any Pizzo products you are acknowledging that you have reviewed all rules and regulations and agree to be bound by them.  Pizzo Pty Ltd accepts no liability in respect for any loss or damage resulting from the purchaser’s negligence.  Pizzo Pty Ltd also takes no responsibility for any installations or alterations or modifications that are done by 3rd parties, or any installation not done in accordance with the manufacturer guidelines or requirements, as this may lead to the product guarantee becoming null and void.